Olai Vike Bøe

Computer Operator & Programmer

A little About Me

Hello, my name is Olai and I work at the Service Department for Havila Holding called

and it's located in

Fosnavåg, Norway.

My main area of focus is software rather than hardware, and I thoroughly enjoy working with computers.

I have extensive knowledge of various programming languages and frequently engage in coding during my free time. Currently, I am working on a new project called


which is a website I developed with my friend for playing online games.

In addition to my programming skills, I'm also familiar with operating systems such as Windows, Macos and Linux, having used them all extensively. Although I prefer Arch Linux over Windows, I feel comfortable using both Windows and Macos as well.

My Passion

I have a passion for working with computers, but my interests extend beyond that. I derive pleasure from driving and modifying cars, and if I hadn't pursued a career in IT, I might have opted to be a mechanic.

Using Linux and getting my hands dirty is a joy for me. I am convinced that Linux is the future of both PCs and servers. During my free time, I engage in gaming, particularly popular first-person shooter, survival, and racing games.

Professional Experience

Building the most Eco-Friendly ships on the Norwegian coastal route


These are the main public projects that I've done in my free time. these includes:

Enhance Windows BetterDiscordAddons Windows Activation Key Grabber

Contact Me

business (a) olayzen.com